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Recall putting on your school uniform before your first day at school? Or achieving at sport and your parents were there to watch you? You felt like you were on cloud nine, not so? What made you feel as good as you did was pride. It is one of the most powerful emotions. Not only can it make a scholar puff out his chest but it can make a young man take up arms and be prepared to die for his country. In many countries the pride is palpable and the national spirit is invigorating. How would South Africa rate on the pride scale? We need to run a campaign and tell people to be Proudly South African.

An outstanding challenge for us would be to build the most vibrant economy on the continent and be the envy of all. Before we can even attempt that, we would need to ensure we have a massive amount of collective pride. This would serve as the fuel for such an endeavour. Without it, failure is certain as most people would immediately ask, “What’s in it for me?”. This is called the WIFIM syndrome. However, and putting the material gain aside, there is something in it for everyone if we – collectively – achieve this feat. See, no matter where you go, if you say, “I am from South Africa”, you will be filled with pride, especially when the listener remarks, “Oh, yes, the most vibrant economy on the continent!”.

At the workplace level, how proud are your employees to say they work for ACME (Pty) Ltd? If they are not proud to say they are associated with the company, you are missing out on the opportunity to outperform your competitors. Ask them “Why not?” and you will have the answer and the work cut out for you. If you are an employee in the above scenario, you are also missing out on the opportunity to make your career dreams a reality. Ask yourself the same question...

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People generally prefer certainty over happiness. In employment be clear, create certainty.
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Time unmanaged….
We often attend time management courses, in the hope of learning how to manage our time better. We believe that this is all that time needs to enable it to multiply - a better manager. Training programmes reinforce this belief, hence titles like ’Better Time Management.’....
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